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[Aug 16, 2018 * 10:35am]


This week’s playlist will be all Aretha. These kids need to know soul.

If anyone else wants a link, let me know and I’ll send when I’m done.
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[Aug 16, 2018 * 7:04am]


It was almost impossible to make myself get out of bed this morning, but my fiance made me breakfast and that was highly motivating.
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[Aug 15, 2018 * 11:17pm]


WHO: Bash Kingswood & Denver Meadows
WHEN: Wednesday, August 15, 2018; Evening
WHERE: Bash’s house!
SUMMARY: Bash asks Denver to marry him :3
WARNINGS: Noooone.

Denver Rose Meadows, will you marry me? )
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[Aug 15, 2018 * 9:01pm]


Look what I can do. Cut for image! )

I know, it's impressive. I'd be jealous of me, too.
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[Aug 14, 2018 * 7:54pm]


Don't go on the internet to read other people's wedding vows. First you'll have feelings over this and then you'll start considering just going with this.

I'm trying to write my vows and Mom keeps texting me about random wedding things and it's starting to make me crazy or maybe a little anxious and I know that she's only trying to help so I'm trying to tell myself not to get irritated, but I'm sort of on my last nerve and dear god how am I supposed to handle her being here in person and I know all of this probably makes me a bad person but I really needed to get it off my chest before I put it all in a text message to her instead and ruin what has otherwise been a good mother-daughter relationship.

Also I'm sorry that's just one long run on sentence. The writer in me threw up a little.
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[Aug 14, 2018 * 2:06pm]


WHO: Quincy Sparks
WHEN: Last night, August 13-14
WHERE: Their bedroom
SUMMARY: Quincy remembers creepin' around Milwaukee on orders from Daisy's mom, and a confrontation with HYDRA, because apparently today is the day my MCU characters have worries about ~what's next~
WARNINGS: Mild violence.

There was nothing he could do, nowhere he could run. )

[Aug 14, 2018 * 12:43pm]


WHO: Sarah Grant
WHEN: August 14
WHERE: Her living room
SUMMARY: Sarah thinks about what she remembers of the Marvel movies, and then remembers meeting Vision.

'I think I've had my fill of new.' )
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[Aug 14, 2018 * 11:10am]


It just occurred to me that my youngest sister is graduating this year and I don't know what to do with this information. When did we get so old? How can I make my sister's stop growing up? Are we sure I'm not almost 30?

Oh god, I turn 30 in less than a year.

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[Aug 13, 2018 * 11:48pm]


I've gotten no writing done in days, but I've clocked plenty of hours of Google research for various projects. It was nice knowing everyone, I'm sure the police will be knocking any day.

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[Aug 13, 2018 * 10:38pm]


Is it normal to just randomly develop an appetite for ghost peppers? Asking for a friend.
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[Aug 13, 2018 * 10:12pm]


Who has two thumbs and is way too deliriously happy to be surrounded by all her new school supplies? This girl. The break was longer than I expected but I am so ready to be back.
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[Aug 13, 2018 * 10:39am]


It's not weird to befriend an ex's family member, right?
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[Aug 12, 2018 * 6:29pm]


I took this quiz to find out which Overwatch character I'm like in bed, because this is what my Sundays are like. I also have learned that I should have super strength, a dragon lives in my soul, my Gaelic name is Saoirse, and I am apparently attracted to the Immature Type. Given how wrong the last one is, it makes me question everything I learned about myself in the other quizzes -- oh no.

This is the sort of spiral that I don't think they could have predicted when they invented the internet.
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[Aug 12, 2018 * 4:39pm]


WHO: Theo Wolfe
WHEN: Early Afternoon of August 12
WHERE: In the backyard of his parents' home
SUMMARY: It's four years since his wife died and that, along with having watched Game of Thrones, has left Theo rather introspective.
WARNINGS: Mentions of death, Red Wedding, Game of Thrones stuff

It made him wonder if, had Theresa been still alive today, would she be having dreams of a girl from Volantis that had bigger dreams and desires than just being another noble in a city built on slaves? )
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[Aug 12, 2018 * 2:41pm]


Cut for image! )

This is the support I need in all my relationships.
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delivered on August 9! [Aug 10, 2018 * 8:36pm]


Delivery to Zoya Nikolaeva )
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[Aug 10, 2018 * 5:16pm]


Who wants to head out with me to see the Perseids this weekend? Forecast says there’s a chance of storms, but I want to give it a shot anyway. With the new moon, there’ll be a lot less light. Peak is Sunday night into Monday morning, but we’ll have a chance all weekend, provided the sky’s clear.
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[Aug 9, 2018 * 11:21pm]


Cut for image! )

brb summoning lucifer in the kitchen
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[Aug 9, 2018 * 10:03am]


I had every intention of doing this last night, but it turns out moving is exhausting and someone (me) fell asleep on the couch at 7:30PM and just woke up. I might have hired people to move my furniture and boxes from my loft in New York to this rental in Dunhaven, but they weren't as interested in decorating for me and apparently that, on top of the five hour drive, was exhausting.

This is my way of saying hello, sisters and various friends. I live here now. Surprise.

PS: Elijah, I'm a few days late, but I'm here for your birthday. Your gift is my now permanent presence.
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[Aug 8, 2018 * 8:22pm]


Hey, you. I'm going to be making an unexpected trip out of town to help Zoya. I know you'll be fine without me, but [...] well, if you need anything, you can call me, alright? I won't be gone long.

I've been thinking about buying something in town, too. The commute would be longer of a morning, but I want to be closer to you when the baby comes. What do you think?
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